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    October 4,2021

    On October 4th 2021 it was my very first school soccer game. I was very excited as last year there was no school sports due to the pandemic and social distancing. We were playing against North Surrey as our first game. The game was at our field so we had some students come to watch. The game was starting at 3:30 so I had to go to the field and get ready right after school. I was a little bit nervous as I was in the starting line up and I was playing center midfield which I don't usually play. The game although ended up being really fun as we won 5-0. We scored 4 goals in the first half and had 1 goal in the second half. Our coach was very happy with our performance as we got the win and had majority of poession. Overall the game was fun and we all played good. Now we need to prepare for our next game against Enver Creek on October 6th 2021.

    Here is my school soccer schedule for the month of October